Home Visitor Booking

In order to simplify the process, all visits are to be booked online only. You will receive an email confirmation within 24 hours of your booking.

Effective Wednesday December 9, the following Policy will be in place:

  • We have one method for visits:
    • Window Visits
      • Please bring a cell phone as the window will need to remain closed at all times.
      • Neither the visitor or the resident will need to wear a mask for window visits.
      • Families with residents living on the first floor do not need to book an appointment for a window visit however the window needs to remain closed at all times.
  • All window visits are to be booked via our website at www.princegeorgerr.com
  • Facetime visits can be booked by emailing me and will need to be around activities when the ipad is not in use.  Skype and Zoom are not working very well due to the amount of users on them in North America but we can try if you prefer this avenue.
  • If we have a suspected Covid case or contact all visits will be canceled immediately as we will have to limit the movement of the residents within the building.
  • All residents leaving the building for any reason will be on 14 days of full isolation. 
  • Residents in isolation for any reason are unable to have window visits.
  • We will continue to hold all items for 24 hours if you would like to drop them off.   Please label the box/bag clearly with resident name and room number.  Items which have to go in the fridge need to arrive when a Manager is there as they cannot go in our main fridge and need to go in an office.  Please email me in advance if you are dropping them off.
  • Residents attending activities will continue to wear a mask and there will be no more than 9 in each activity plus the Recreation Aide.  Rooms, items will be completely sanitized before and after each activity.  The Recreation Aide will be signing residents up to ensure that everyone gets to attend activities.  If needed, we will add activities to accommodate.
  • Recreation Aides will be having a daily touch point with each resident, whether a walk, putting a puzzle together or just a chat.  This is being tracked so that we don’t miss anyone.
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